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There has been a lot of speculation and debate over the difference between ‘self-inking’ and ‘pre inked’ rubbers tamps. Trodat has been the top provider of high quality rubber stamps for decades and continues to keep the momentum as the world’s best.

Self-Inking Rubber Stamps:

Trodat’s wide range of self-inking rubber stamps are more clean, quick to make an impression, and consistent in the durability of the impression. Trodat’s self-inking stamps have been built with an ink pad that is water-based, which automatically re-inks every time an impression is made again. These stamps are best suitable for stamping in bulk or large amounts, and are convenient to use, along with being affordable on the pocket. You may make impressions of up to 50,000 before you require the need of re-inking your stamp, that even with a variety of different inks.

showcasing some of our rubber stamps


Trodat’s self-inking stamps are the best with the following features:

  • Quick and clean impressions
  • Repeated impressions in a flow
  • No delay due to machine being ‘stuck’
  • Great on rough surfaces
  • Utilizes a variety of inks
  • Easy and clean to re-ink yourself
  • 50,000+ more impressions before re-inking required
  • Affordable and high quality impressions

What can I Incorporate on Trodat’s Self-Inking Rubber Stamp?

When using Trodat’s wide range of stamps, there is not much of a limit, instead, it depends on your imagination and how we can incorporate that on a particular size of the stamp. The most common aspects used in stamps are the following:


You may add a wide variety of text options such as your name, address, business name, designation, contact information, and much more.


Depending on the size of the stamp you choose, our designer will adapt the design to fit best and may also recommend another stamp to cater to your specific image.


Not only that, our rubber stamps enable you to print your custom signatures with the date so that you can achieve efficiency in your workday. It saves time and allows you to stamp hassle-free when you have large quantities of documents.


Our Classic Series has a wide range of date stamps that when rotated through its wheels, will show the date, day, month or even year, all your preference.  This could also be with a combination of all the above.

Why Choose Trodat Rubber Stamps?

With the help of Trotec laser engravers, laser markers, and laser cutters, Trodat produces high quality rubber which is then used in the stamp component. Such quality will not be found elsewhere, and very few use a laser machine in Pakistan to produce fine-quality rubber.

Our Bestsellers:

a list of our popular and trending stamps

When choosing a stamp, a lot of factors need to be looked upon. Design, impression, color, size are just a few. Trodat’s vast series includes multiple stamps, shapes, and sizes in the Printy, Professional & Classic Series! Whereas all of Trodat’s rubber stamps are used in every aspect, here is a list of some of our bestsellers:

  • Trodat Printy 4912: Rectangular shape with a size of 47mm x 18mm
  • Trodat Printy 4913: Rectangular shape with a size of 58mm x 22mm
  • Trodat Pocket Printy 9512: Rectangular shape with a size of 47mm x 18mm
  • Trodat Printy 46045: Round shape with a size of 45mm
  • Trodat Printy 4630: Round shape with a size of 30mm

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Trodat Pakistan introduces to you the largest online stamp portal at Visit today and explore sample designs, availability of sizes, best stamps for your business! If you are looking for a stamp for your business and aren’t sure about how to choose, you can get in touch with us at or send us a message at +923000998620. Our customer service representative will guide you on what stamp to best choose according to your needs, along with providing you the most suitable design where needed.

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