Rectangular, Square & Round Stamps: Which One Should You Pick?

rectangular, square and round custom stamps

Stamps are widely used items, whether it be in a professional setting at the office, or to personalize your craft and scrapbook projects at home. They make paper-work less exhausting, provide a quick and efficient way to promote your business, sign contracts or simply provide an informal way to be creative and use at home!

Due to their diverse set of uses, stamps come in different shapes and sizes, to suit your need! Before making a choice, let us guide you through the different shapes, including rectangle, square, and round, all available at We offer you different sizes and colors for you to choose from, and  provide information on what you can do with each one!

Round Stamps

Round custom stamps are the most popular type of stamp, and the ones you are most likely to encounter. They are usually used by formal organizations or companies for employment contracts, business contracts, quotations, sales invoices, credit notes and purchase orders. Generally used in situations where the company needs to authenticate agreements, avert forging, they reduce work time as there is no need for executives to sign all the paperwork individually. Due to the shape, they only contain limited information such as the company name, registration, and corporate logo. Trodat’s 4642 is an ideal round stamp which can fit your company’s name logo and contact number.

Rectangular Stamps

Rectangular custom stamps, due to their shape, are able to contain more information than round stamps and are the second most popular stamp shape. Not only are they used for most documents that round stamps are used for, but they offer a greater use by being used in address stamps and deposit stamps for certification, or on envelopes for return in mailing.  They can even be used to stamp on invitation cards, a perfect fit for Trodat’s 4912 stamp which is sized at 47 mm X 18 mm, and can include your company business and bank name, making paperwork for you easy and quick!

Square Stamps

Square stamps are used for initials and as loyalty stamps for cafes, clubs, restaurants, or salons. They are perfect to fit in the corner of any envelope and paperwork, and are ideal for branding packaging, due to their aesthetic appeal and uniformity. Trodat’s 4724 date and text stamp has a 40mm X 40 mm size and comes with an adjustable band for the day, year and month to go along with your customised text.

Though each stamp can be used for its own purpose, we must remember that stamps are versatile, and at the end of the day you can pick whichever style you want, whether you’re seeking deposit stamps or banking stamps to company name and custom logo stamps. Trodat Pakistan’ Stamps provide a range of stamps, which follow Austria’s strict environmental laws and are climate neutral, reducing your carbon footprint!

Trodat offers you multi-purpose usage stamps with different sizes and impression areas, while being economical, affordable, and innovative! Don’t miss out and get your very own stamp now at!