Top 5 Custom Rubber Stamps to Buy in 2020

Top 5 Custom Rubber Stamps to Buy in 2020 - Blog

Rubber stamps get the job done. The global rubber stamp market is expected to reach 2186 Million USD in 2025. Due to the fact that rubber stamps are fast, convenient and easy to use, the use of rubber stamps is growing across the world.

Rubber stamps! They come in all shapes and sizes, such as round, square, and rectangle being the basic shapes. Be it an office, a school, a library, or a shop. Now let’s talk about the types. Which type is the best fit for you! It ranges from manual stamps to self-inked machine stamps. Does a somewhat frequently asked questions refer to which rubber stamps are the best in quality? The most durable? Most environment-friendly?

As buyers, we always look for a durable, long-lasting, reasonably priced product and, most importantly, the best in quality. Are you also looking for the best types of rubber stamps in Pakistan? Well, here are some of the best-chosen products in the market of 2020.

1.Trodat 5460 Professional Date Stamp

Trodat 5460 professional defines itself, which means that you won’t have to manually pick up a stamp, then place it on the ink pad to use it. No sir! There is an ink cartridge fitted within the stamp itself! So, it is hassle-free work, and it comes with a 56mm x 33mm size! You can choose your customized style, may it be text, image, logo, signature, or any other type of text you can imagine! Although the ink cartridge would be needed to be changed when it’s empty, you still don’t have to worry about getting ink on your hands due to its unique user-protective design, which protects your hands with its guarding plates below the ink cartridge!

2. Trodat 4912 self-inking stamps

Trodat 4912 self-inking stamps with 47mm x 18mm text plate size allows the user to leave a clear and crisp professional impression on any document. These top-notch quality self-inking stamps allow your stamping work to be done with ease and efficiency. They can be completely customized as per the requirements of the user. These stamps are equipped with an ink cartridge that results in a time-saving, effortless, and smooth stamping experience. The stamps can customize text, image, and numbers, such as name, location, logo, phone number, etc.

3. Trodat 9511 Pocket Printy Stamp

Just as the name suggests, it is a stamp so small it can fit in your pocket. Trodat 9511 Pocket Printy is taking the word “coming handy” to a whole new level. There is nothing to worry about ink spills or smudges. These stamps are manufactured by sharp cutting and edging machines, ensuring that the rubber stamp turns out to be precise and smudge-free.

4. Trodat 4846 Self Inking Stamp

Trodat 4846 self-inking 6 characters numbering stamps can be customized in a variety of fonts and styles. These stamps are equipped with an ink cartridge that results in a time-saving, effortless, and smooth stamping experience. Trodat 4846 self-inking numbering stamps have long-term, durable usage along with clear and crisp imprints every time. Suitable for consistent and reliable organized stamping. These top-quality stamps offer any stamping work done with ease and efficiency to all small or large businesses.

5. Printy 4913 DIY Stamp

Yes! You read that right. It’s DIY! This means you can manually customize your stamp any way you prefer. The Trodat 4913-DB consists of 5 lines of text with a size of 58mm x 22mm. In this specific rubber stamp, you can manually change the stamp’s letters/words as you like! P.S it comes with a kit of letters and alphabets.

Now you have read it all and must be wondering from where can you purchase these fabulous stamps? You can buy these best-selling Trodat custom stamps from the largest online stamp maker in Pakistan: All the original Trodat stamps are available with complete customization options. Learn more about our services here or call us at: 0300-0998620 for all your inquiries.