Which Custom Stamps Should You Buy?

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Rubber stamps are widely popular items which are useful in a multitude of different settings including office, business and private recreational. This is due to their multi-purpose usage in arts and crafts, decorations, cards, weddings as well as in a professional environment.

Why Custom Stamps?

In order to decide the custom stamp to buy, you need to first decide the purpose you need it for. There are custom stamp options to suit each individual’s need, whether you’re a professional needing to stamp your documents, or simply want to gift a greeting card to your friends. Trodat has two main types of self-inking stamps: the Self Inking Printy and Self Inky Professional. This article will explore the different types of stamps available, the unique features they offer, and how you can pick the perfect one for you.

Self-Inking Printy Stamps

trodat printy stampThe first differentiation amongst stamps is whether they are classic or self-inking. Self-inking printy stamps do not require an ink pad separately as they are equipped with a built-in ink pad. The dye does not need to be changed on its own and instead it reinks on its own when idle. Moreover, this keeps the ink pad airtight, and helps it be preserved for many years. Self-inking stamps are useful for those who are always on the go, due to their convenience and portability. The Self Inking Printy itself has different classifications too, such as DIY stamps, pocket stamps, and printy text and number stamps. Each stamp is known for its own special purpose and is environmentally friendly. The Printy Self Inking stamps are designed to be of multi-purpose usage, and are available in various sizes and shapes, resulting in different impression areas. You can customize the stamp however you want, whether it is certain text, date or numbers, and further customize it by choosing your font size and style! Trodat’s number stamps are suited for office and other industries for their consistent stamping imprint, perfect for classifying documents. Trodat’s weightless Pocket Printy is specifically designed with the idea of mobility in mind and ensures that you can carry a stamp with you at all times, with an enclosed ink cartridge to prevent the ink from leaking along the way. The self-inking printy stamps can help you organize and label paperwork easily, using one-word identifiers such as “paid,” “faxed” and “copy,” making identifying and separating documents simpler than ever.

Self-Inking Professional Stamps

The Self Inking Professional stamp series by Trodat is greatly beneficial to use for your business, whether you need stamps as a doctor, lawyer or simply for an office job! It offers convenience as well as ease, so you have one less thing to worry about while working. Trodat stamps also avoids the problem of illegible writing due to the uniform standard text. You can customize your signature onto the stamp, where instead of having to sign each document separately, you can sign the entire stack in one go or hand the stamp over to someone trustworthy, who can stamp it for you and reduce your work load.


Trodat Professional stamps are ideal if you want to include multiple particulars in your stamp such as name, logo, address, and company name, all in one stamp, due to its large text plate size. The Self Inking Professional can also be used as a marketing tool to increase brand awareness, by adding a logo or tagline that represents your business. Alternately, you can put a call to action on your stamp with phrases such as “follow us!” with a link to your company’s website to promote your business.  Moreover, stamps save money due to the reduction in ink that would have otherwise been used printing logos and such. Though it seems like a small move, the cost is greatly reduced as numerous documents now require less ink. Compared to technology, which keeps evolving, rubber stamps have remained a staple item for businesses throughout the years, shortening the hassle of paperwork, and adding a sophisticated touch to work documents with Professional Numberer, Professional Text Stamps and Professional Date Stamps.

Classic Stamps and Stamp Accessories

classic stamps & accessories

Trodat’s classic stamps are what most people think of when they think of a classic rubber stamp. The classic series comprises of daters, band numberers and date & time rubber stamps. It consists of a separate ink pad, which you use each time you create an impression.

The ink is more likely to last longer and it allows you to alternate between ink pads and hence create impressions with different colors! This way you save expenses by different color ink pads each time. Trodat’s Rubber Stamp Accessories offers ink in various colors according to your preference including blue, black, green and red! Stamp pads are also offered for customized rubber stamps, which are raised to maintain minimum contact with the edges of any stamp and prevent drying out.

Whether you need a stamp for your business or simply want your very own, handy custom stamp, Trodat Pakistan, the largest online stamp maker, has you covered! Explore our online stamp portal now on our website and get your very own high quality, impeccably designed stamp made just for you!

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