Why Trodat’s Professional Self-Inking Stamps Are Perfect for You!

Trodat Stamps has time and again proven itself to be on top of the game when it comes to the delivery and execution of fine impressions on various materials. The Professional Series has only proven useful and time-efficient to various industries, especially the banking industry.

Our Professional Series prides itself in its unique stainless steel product design, new pad protection, advanced grip zones and much more!

Look no further for Trodat has the perfect stamp series collection that is known for its quality and impression. Common stamps can create a maximum of 1000-2000 impressions but Trodat’s fine impression and ink can be ideal for impressions up to the count of 50,000. You do not need to worry about impressions starting to fade or re-inking as the ink is known to make a lasting impression.


If you are feeling creative, our laser machine also allows you to add unique personalization to your stamp. For any company, a stamp is their identity. A customized stamp for a company could include the name of your company, the year of its incorporation, along with any other relevant information you might find helpful.

While a corporate stamp has created its own identity and importance in the 21st century, they provide finality, authenticity and formality to agreements, documents and any other important documentation your company may oversee. Below are a few examples of how a corporate stamp would be ideal for your company:

many corporate stamp impressions


Trodat’s Professional series can be distinguished from the following:

  • Date Stamps
  • Numberers
  • Text Stamps

Date Stamps

In today’s technologically advanced workspace, Trodat Professional Date Stamps are proven ideal as they provide a large number of quality impressions of the date. Trodat’s custom daters can be used to add the specification to any of your documents and add importance to briefs, forms and much more.


Trodat Professional Numberer Stamps are essential for offices and other various industries. They ease the control of the organization and are ideal for consistent and repetitive stamping. Trodat Professional Numberer Stamps are recognized for their durability, imprints and availability to choose from. You can customize your stamps by choosing from a variety of styles and fonts.

Text Stamps

You can now customize your stamp by adding any required text! At, you can add your company name when customizing Trodat Professional text stamps, this helps to promote a brand or company.


A stamp customized for company, department and designation could be useful in many ways, below are a list of a few of them:

  • Stamping ownership certificates
  • Signing stock certificates
  • Authorizing invoices
  • Signing off architecture blueprints
  • Finalizing a contract
  • Certifying financial transactions
  • Signing certificates of authentication
  • Signing a lease or agreeing to a sale
  • Affirming company commitments

A company stamp acts as a signature of a brand or business and permits authority and authenticity. You can have specific stamps designated for only the decision making managers who have the final say.

Trodat’s Professional Series is considered the “real” office stamp. In comparison to Trodat’s other series, it is slightly larger than the Printy models but suitable the most for tasks in accounting, date and control, approval, etc. All applications and imprints are hassle-free, clean easy to use and efficient. With a stamp such as Trodat’s Professional Series on your office desk, there is absolutely no uncertainty of any mail, you can keep an up to date track of inventory in a warehouse. The possibilities are just endless.

Now, with the help of Trodat’s online platform in Pakistan for custom stamps, you can easily view the large variety of Professional Series in various sizes and design. You can place an order online quickly and easily along with your customized text.

large format text plate of trodat professional stamp


  • Trodat’s Professional Series is first in its class and superior in quality.
  • A corporate stamp may be required in certain situations such as opening a company’s bank account.
  • A corporate stamp cannot be used by anyone, you can either only permit the usage of these stamps to specific people or have the option of incorporating their names in the stamps for protecting any documents.
  • A customized company stamp shows a professional look.


Trodat offers you multi-purpose usage stamps with different sizes and impression areas while being economical, affordable, and innovative! Don’t miss out and get your very own stamp now from Trodat Pakistan now!