Trodat's History

With the recent development in stamp making, manufacturing and production, Trodat Stamps have proven to meet all related aspects with help from its sister company Trotec Lasers, and continued to excel predominately. With its origins in Austria, Trodat has slowly and successfully created a name of itself as the ideal stamp brand across the world. Through constant innovation, research and practical implementation, Trodat has established itself amongst the world’s market leader in providing self-inking, environmentally friendly, and portable personalized stamps.


Trodat is the first choice for customizing stamps all across Pakistan, and has now introduced its online platform to customize and place orders. Trodat is offering everything that concerns a stamp, and ensures that you have access throughout Pakistan.

Sister company Trotec Laser Systems manufactures the stamp through its multipurpose laser cutting, laser marking and laser engraving technology that is used on various materials such as metal, acrylic, woof, glass, fabric and much more! This ensures that all Trodat stamps are designed up to par for safe and clean impressions.


Trodat has multiple stamp series, including, but not limited to the Trodat Professional, Trodat Printy, which includes the Pocket Printy; a portable pocket stamp for those on the go, and Trodat Classic Stamps.

Trodat’s Printy series has been crafted after in depth research and design ideas, primarily focusing on the thought of a portable, handy, and easy to customize stamp. With the idea of the Pocket stamp came many questions, such as how to handle such a small personalized stamp, and how to keep your hands and pockets clean. The enclosed ink cartridge of the Printy Series prevents contact with the stamp ink to ensure cleanliness.


Since 2010, Trodat’s concept of stamp design and structure has not only had a significant impact on its customers, but also on the environment. In 2011, Trodat introduced a climate-neutral stamp: Original Printy 4.0

The company reduces its Carbon emission by 49% from its design and constructed the new product with 65% post-consumer recycled plastic. In order to compensate for the inevitable emission levels in carbon production, the company has invested in the Gold Standard climate protection projects recommended by WWF ®.

Trodat Eco Friendly Stamps

Great Stamps, Leading to an even Greater Impression!

Trodat has established itself as a top name in the stamp industry which has in turn resulted in a dynamic attraction to other industries as well. From warehousing to government buildings and service industry facilities, various businesses applaud the ease that comes from products such as self-inking date stamps, self-inking text stamps, DIY stamps, portable pocket stamps and much more! Trodat self-inking rubber stamps are likely to continue to evolve, offering even better productivity and uniqueness to both small and large companies.