Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We’ve compiled answers to frequently asked questions for you in this area.

A rubber stamp is a small device with an ink pad used for making imprints on documents. It normally has several phrases like ‘paid, received, completed’ or can also have custom text info as per user’s requirements.

You can purchase and personalize rubber stamps in Pakistan from our website. We offer a wide variety of stamps to choose from, simply select your stamp and customize it to your design!

Trodat offers high-quality stamps for even the most diverse application fields, such as the office, on the move and at home. To find out which stamp is right for your requirements, please send us an email.

The ink cartridge is already integrated with the self-inking stamps. During each stamping procedure, it dispenses ink to the text plate. These stamps are therefore particularly practical and clean in all applications.

A product is climate neutral if it does not alter the CO2 balance of the atmosphere either by not causing its own emissions or by neutralizing the CO2 footprint of the product by countervailing environmental protection measures.

You should replace your rubber stamp’s ink cartridge if you’re no longer satisfied with the imprint’s intensity. You can order the suitable replacement ink cartridge for your stamp online at

It depends on the stamp. Depending on the model, the replacement ink cartridges may be removed by pressing or pulling.

To set the text plate for Trodat DIY Stamps, First, bring the stamp to the locked position. Then, with the help of tweezers, place the individual type slugs (letters) on the plate.