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Rubberstamps.pk is the Leading Online Store of custom-made Rubber Stamps

Are you looking for a professional design stamp for your business? Look no more for you have found the ideal website to purchase stamps and customize them yourself! One look at rubberstamps.pk and you will find a large variety of stamps available, be it pocket sized, portable or heavy duty, Trodat has got them all.



Trodat Pakistan continues to design high-quality self-inked, customized stamps for professionals across industries, primarily hospitals, banks, educational institutions, hotels, etc. Initially, Trodat was the first company to use laser technology, with the help of its sister company Trotec Laser Systems which provides services of engraving, marking and cutting to develop stamp text plates. Trodat’s new rubber stamp product line has lifted the block for the professionals. These valuable stamps featured innovative design elements that have improved authenticity, reliability, and consistency.

In an ongoing effort to ensure efficiency and ease for theirs customers, Trodat Pakistan has developed an online shop – allowing individuals and companies to create custom stamps or find other classic stamps available online.

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Generate and buy your own customized rubberstamps. We carry the most common stamp models and make them accessible for customization in a variety of typing options, and volume. Notice how easy it is to create your stamp when you view our ‘How to Customize‘ video! All Trodat stamps are reasonably priced, environmentally friendly and are of high caliber.


You can easily find large collections of eco-friendly, high-quality Rubber Stamps for multipurpose usages. Whether you want a ‘self-inked’ common office stamp designed for daily usage, or specially designed business and personal stamps, including; banking stamps, medical stamps, business logo stamps, signature stamps, food Industry stamps, accounting stamps, school stamps, promotional material stamps, numberers, daters, personalized pocket stamps and much more!


Simply pick a design and personalize it with your unique text or logo. Also, you can upload an image from your computer.

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